Friday, March 9, 2012

old process diary (2000)

Perhaps this would be a suitable place to begin my art blog, which will be mostly a collection of images of my paintings and drawings, supplemented by some thoughts and a few ramblings...

So, way back when in art school:

Self portrait mixed media

Self portrait bitumen and oil on card

ANdy and I were drawing each other

Upside down in the art room...

I was listening to the triple J hottest 100

My feet by romantic candlelight

Ceramics class- iron oxide on hand built paper clay

Liselle drawing

self portrait

Drew this while on the phone to Bec

Blind contour spawn of Liselle

Ink and bamboo drawing stick- my favorite drawing utensil

In the studios

Life drawing. I spilt ink over a huge patch of their floor that time.

Tentatively beginning to dabble in abstraction

This model would not stop talking.

I developed this drawing into a painting that I wish I had photographed before selling.

The man who became my husband will never sit still long enough to be drawn.

My other great love: blind contour drawing. Such surprises ensue! This is my brother Caleb.

Bec was really sick with the flu that time

Cabes again- adapted from bc

Luke reading, but not long enough for me to finish.

Luke sleeping- the only chance I have to draw him
Rochelle reclining with magazine eyes

Cabes sleeping blind contour

The view from the bed

tray of seedlings

In the loungeroom (Luke was watching a documentary of some climbers who had just reached the summit)

Luke looking sweet and aspiring
In my last year of art school I was concerned with observational drawing, but not to the point of being a slave to accuracy. I was hoping to find balance between achieveing a likeness but with enough movement and spontaneity of line for the drawing to have character and vitality. To bring something else to the scene that a camera could never do. I had just begun to put colours together. Up until then I had kept it all neutral and colour made me panic. Abstraction was a perfect way to experiment with colour and composition.

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