Saturday, March 10, 2012

Exhibition: "Aerialscapes" (2011)

"Aerialscapes" was shown at Graphic Art Gallery, Bondi, NSW in November 2011. 

The fascination I have for aerial landscapes has been a long-term love affair. In the old days it was the world atlas that had me hooked.  These days you'll find me poring over the landscape via Google Earth. Gripped by incidental visual elements provided by varying textures of water, vegetation, rock, sand and human footprint  I am propelled to play in paint responding to my observations.

What intrigues me further is that we are largely unaware of the beauty of the land from an aerial perspective, and a sandy track that is well trodden has a complexity of line that can only be appreciated from aerial view. When I stumble upon a beautifully composed frame in my Google Earth searches the thrill veritably charges me to respond.

My "dreamscapes" are born of whimsy and unrestricted by factual geography. Childhood memories of places I cherish may rampantly pop up here, as in South Coast Dreamscape. There is a greater allowance for the media to do what it will and I revel in responding spontaneously to that. The dreamscape frolics halfway between aerial landscape and abstraction and there are varying degrees of dreaming involved.

I  perpetually strive to find a balance in my process between spontaneous and deliberate mark-making, the subconscious and conscious mark-maker and the obedience and disobedience of materials.

(Click on images to view them larger)

Watsons Bay (aerialscape)
610 x 760mm

Southcoast Dreamscape
760 x 1020mm

Bondi (aerialscape) 
915 x 1220mm

Coogee (aerialscape)510 x 405mm

Dreamscape with lighthouse
910 x 760mm

Frazer Park I (aerialscape)
760 x 1010mm

Moonies II (aerialscape)
760 x 760mm

Nobbies Head II (aerialscape)
915 x 1220mm

Nobbies Head I (aerialscape)
610 x 915mm

Curl Curl (aerialscape)
915 x 1220mm

Catherine Hill Bay (aerialscape)
610 x 760mm

Frazer Park II (aerialscape)
915 x 1220mm

Moonies I (aerialscape)
1000 x 750mm

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