Friday, March 9, 2012

Exhibition: A Bitumen Affair (2008)

"A bitumen affair" was shown at Jo Felk Gallery, Cooranbong, NSW in March 2008.
The show featured a series of largely abstract work that had been "layered into correction" over time. I had discovered bitumen as a medium,  and here explored it's full potential.

Bitumen energy
         610mm x 510mm

Untitled bitumen, brown, blue, mauve patch painting915mm x 610mm

Abstract tree painting

Bird, egg, grub
800mm x 800mm

Aerial candyscape I

      940mm x 753mm

Aerial candyscape II
                800mm x 1100mm

Untitled stairs painting I
915mm x 610mm

Untitled stairs painting II
915mm x 610mm


                 800mm x 800mm

Guitar and drum abstraction

792mm x 540mm


                  995mm x 1195mm

Red patch checkers
900mm x 600mm

Andy draws (speedy)
                840mm x 845mm

Red arc checkers800mm x 1000mm 

Sold out cheetah
610mm x 915mm

                  565mm x 765mm

Caravan memory
                 390mm x 522mm

Dreamscape with seven palms
600mm x 900mm

Where the bong tree grows
385mm x 265mm

Stormy dreamscape 
                800mm x 800mm

Untitled bitumen painting
               1215mm x 1625mm

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